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  1. P200 SMART HOOK  Powerful Probe, the new generation of intelligent circuit analyzer, is the only circuit tester that can be upgraded on the market. It can test all 9V-30V electronic systems quickly. The test time can be greatly shortened, making it more convenient, faster and smarter!
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  3. Lifetime Free Update Online.

JDIAG P200 SMART HOOK Powerful Probe

JDIAG P200 Highlights:

1. Enjoy 1 year warranty
2. Lifelong Free Update Online
3. Click to get Online user manual
4. Ship from Czech warehouse freely no tax
5. The test time is greatly shortened, convenient, fast and smarter!
6. For all 9V-30V electronic systems, Supports Car Truck Motorcycle Boat
7. Cable length: 6.0Meters. With connector,it is more than 6.0 Meters.It makes work more easier.

8. Free Multi-langauges:Dutch,English,Spanish,French,Italian,Portuguese,Polish,Russian,Vietnamese,Chinese.

JDIAG P200 Features:
P200 SMART HOOK  Powerful Probe, the new generation of intelligent circuit analyzer, is the only circuit tester that can be upgraded on the market. It can test all 9V-30V electronic systems quickly. The test time can be greatly shortened, making it more convenient, faster and smarter!
1.Intelligent identification of voltage/resistance
2.Multimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, diode, continuity, current and frequency)
3.Relay test
4.Injector test
5.Diode test
6.Oscilloscope function
7.0-5V adjustable power supply
8.Activation of vehicle components
9.Positive and negative polarity test
10.Intelligent circuit breaker protection (adjustable overload)
11.Screen style background optional
12.Network can be upgraded online
13.Built-in Multi-lingual settings.

Working mode of JDiag P200: 

1. Smart Test:

The main test functions of this mode: voltage test ,resistance test,positive/negative test.(Display as VDC,OHM) It is mainly used for quick test without switching between different test modes.Automatically recognize the measured signal and display values of values of voltage or OHMs.

2. Multimeter Mode:

The bottom of the interface is the functional area from left to right are:DC voltage (VDC),resistance (OHM),diode/continuity test (DIO),current (AMP),frequency (HZ).

3. Oscilloscope Mode

4. Relay Test:
It shows 2 types of common automotive relay diagrams: 5-termainal relay and 4-terminal relay.
Relay wiring connection as below:

5. Component Activation:
The component activation function is designed to generate activation signals to the tested components,such as activating lights,motors and other on-board electric equipment.
1. Display VDC AMP and ACC value.
2. Activation type:
“SET”Circuit Breaker

6. 0-5V Power supply:
The 0-5V power supply function is useful when checking the wiring to the ECU/ECM.After you check the sensor with a Multimeter,if there is still a problem,you can simulate the voltage output by the sensor to verify the wiring to the ECU.
0-5V power supply mode designed as an active mode. It can adjust the voltage output under 5V and limit the current to 100mA.(This is safe and will not burn out electric components)

7. Injector test:
The probe outputs different pulse signals to the injector,and check the injector spraying status.This function can help diagnose injector conditions.It can work with any fuel pressure tester.

8. Positive and Negative test:

Product specifications and parameters:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
1) Display:............ (320*240 DPI) TFT true color display
2) Working temperature: ........... 0-60°C (32-140 F°)
3) Storage temperature:...........40-70°C (-40-185 F°)
4) External power supply: ... 12V or 24V powered by battery
5) Minimum working voltage: 9V
6) Maximum working voltage: 30V
7) Maximum measuring voltage: 150V
8) Minimum measuring voltage: .....................0.1V
9) Resistance measurement range:... 1 ohm~200K ohm
10) Current measuring range: ..................... 0~18A
11) Maximum continuous current: ..................... 18A

Product packing list:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
1) Main unit
2) Solid copper test probe
3) Double pass test connection line
4) Alligator clip battery cable (Special Design)
5) Relay test line
6) Probe adapter
7) 25Amp fuse
8) Operation manual
9) Packing Toolbox


1. Is there an online manual? 
Yes here it is: Click to get Online user manual. 

2. How can I update this hook? Cant find related information on official website.
You can update it with upgrade tool.Conect hook to computer with USB cable and run the upgrade tool.Then you can update the tool.
Link to download upgrade tool: JDiag P200 HOOK Upgrade Tool

Breif User Manual:  
Power supply connection
The probe is powered by the vehicle battery.Connect the RED clip to the positive pole of the battery,and the BLACK clip to the negative pole of the battery.The machine will automatically start to enter the working interface.The front led light will illumiate the test area,which is convenient for operation in the dark area.

Key Button Operation
In different functional interfaces,the key functions performed are not exactly the same.
Left key-- navigation key or exit key
Right key-- navigation key
Up key-- navigation key or voltage output,numerical adustment.
Down button --navigation button or voltage output,numerical adjustment
OK--confirm key.

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