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  1. Autel KM100E is the newly launched model aims at replacing Autel IM508 to offer pure professional IMMO & key programming solution: 60s Key Generation, Chip Read/Wirte/Clone, Transponder Simulation, Industry-leading IMMO Services, Frequency Detection, 10+ Special Functions, AutoVIN & Scan VIN/License, among many more. It comes with two smart universal keys Autel Ikey which can be programmed as smart k~ey replacement for more than 700 vehicles.
  2. Global Version No IP Blocking Problem
  3. Lifetime Free Update
  4. With Built-In APB112
EU Version 2023 Autel MaxiIM KM100E New Alternative IMMO Key programmer Key FOB Programming Tool Transponder Chip Read/Write/Clone Frequency Detection
autel maxiim km100e
Autel MaxiIM Introduction
Autel MaxiIM KM100 universal key generator kit is a professional intelligent tool solution for auto keys with OE-Level quality.

Autel MaxiIM KM100 Highlights:
  • 60s Autel Universal Key Generation, speed up by 50%, Compatible with Dual-Band (315M/433M) and (868M/915M)
  • 2024 Newly Added: Autel KM100 has covered all the functions of Autel Smart Key Fob Emulator APB112: collect the data sent from the ignition coil, identify the ignition coil troubles, decode the data of the vehicle key chip. It supports 46, 4D Data Collection/46 Smart Key Password Calculation/46 Chip Emulation/Smart Key Emulation for Toyota4D (94/D4, 98) and for Toyota H (88/A8, A9, 30).
  • Auto VIN
  • Programs Autel's I~KEY universal key as smart key replacement for 700+ vehicles;
  • Industry Leading Coverage Of IMMO Learning Via OBD For More Than 90% Of Models
  • Supporting 8 Key Series And 37 Models
  • Transponder Generation/ Simulation/ Conversion between ID63 and ID83
  • Free Update Online Lifetime
  • Global Version No IP Blocking Problem
  • Multi-Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai , Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
  • Autel MaxiIM KM100 Vehicle List Check
1-Minute Ultra-fast Universal Key Generation, Beyond Your Imagination!
autel maxiim km100
>>> 60s Universal Key Generation

As shown in the above two pictures, we can see that compared with other compatitors, Autel 2024 KM100 Key Fob Programming Tool has greatly simplifies key generation process for better user experience. Only 1 Min, 4 Steps, Speed up by 50%, you can generate a I~KEY, helping you save more time and win more business.
What's more important, this Autel KM100 Car Key Fob Immobilizer Tool supports One Tap to the IMMO function just after k~ey generation, while competitors need you return to the main screen again, and then manually select menu to perform the IMMO funtion, which is undoubtedly the most annoying thing for a locksmith!
Last but not least, our KM100 key scanner comes with 2pcs FREE universal smart blank keys in the package which support generating a wide range of universal keys with reliable quality to meet various needs of customers. Autel I~KEY supports 37 kinds of appearance (continuously increasing with updates), and is compatible with low frequency (315M/433M) and high frequency (868M/915M) two types.

>>> 4 Methods for Quick Car Identification

✔️ Auto VIN;
✔️ Manual VIN Input;
✔️ Automatic Selection;
✔️ Manual Selection.

Professional & Complete IMMO Ke~y Learning Via OBD on 99% Vehicles, Meet All Your Needs!
autel maxiim km100
The IMMO application requires a data link to the IMMO electronic control system of the test vehicle for diagnosis via OBDII connection. The application retrieves vehicle IMMO information and performs IMMO related functions. For example:

✔️ Read PIN;
✔️ Key Learning;
✔️ Remote Control Learning;
✔️ Remote Control Add;
✔️ All-Key-Lost;
✔️ IMMO data backup/restore;
✔️ IMMO ECU Reset/ Adaptation/ Refresh/ Coding;
✔️ And More...

KM100 Functions
60-Second Key Generation(Autel Universal Only) 
Transponder Reading/Writing/Cloning
Frequency Detection&Ignition Coil Detection
Compatible With Autel Blank Universal Smart Keys
Key Renewal:Supporting 36 Vehicle Makes
Transponder Editing:Supporting20Categories
Dual-Band,High FrequencyTransmitter315m/434mor 868m/915m Supporting Certification Requirements of Various Regions 
Supporting PLC V200

10+ Hot & Special Functions, All- in-one Tool Solutions for Auto Keys!
autel maxiim km100
Apart from professional features such as Universal Ke-y Generation, Complete IMMO Key Learning, 2024 Autel MaxiIM KM100 also supports 10+ hot and special functions:
IMMO Data Processing: load the IMMO related ECU information of a vehicle to calculate a password and other IMMO information, which will be written into the transponder of the vehicle, the processed transponder can be used to start the vehicle, in other words, you now have an extra ke-y available.
Key Unlocking (Ke-y Renewal): enables you to renew a used smart key to unlock a new car, which is achieved by renewing the firmware of the used smart key via cable connection, working on 36 vehicle makes.
Toyota Smart Un-locking: With this function, you can unlock other Toyota models with your Toyota smart ke-y. Unlocking of the 4D 40/80 bit and 8A 128 bit original Toyota smart chips is supported.
Button Adjustment: assign the button functions of the Autel universal ke-y.
Universal Ke-y Information Detection: especially designed to read the Autel universal key information, including the serial number, key ID, and IMMO version, etc.
Ignition Coil Detection: enables the key tool to gather the data of the IMMO protocol and transponder type of the vehicle, while Autel old models IM508/ IM608 cannot support this special functions.

KM100 Vehicle Compatibility

Support AutoVIN
Simple Operation,Guided User Instructions,Easy to Use
Industry-Leading coverage of immo learning via obd for more than 90% of models
Supporting 8 key series and 37 models
Covering the top 100 selling models in north America for the last 10 years

Extensive Transponder Functions, Solve Almost Chip Related Issues!
autel maxiim km100
Chip Reading: access to some basic information of the key, including chip type, IMMO type, transponder ID, locking status, and code mode.
Chip Cloning: detect the transponder and vehicle informationin order to decrypt a code which shall be used to directly clone and generate a functional transponder for your vehicle. The whole process saves the trouble of using the old OBD approach.
Chip Editing:read and edit transponder information such as its configurations and EEPROM data. Choose an IMMO type (which can be accessed by the transponder reading function) and start editing according to your needs.
Transponder Generation: generate a transponder accommodating different protocols or models using a blank transponder.
Transponder Simulation: used to simulate the KM100 as a transponder using a variety of IMMO protocols. This function is particularly useful when your vehicle needs emergency start or such.
Transponder Conversion between Ford ID63 & ID83: especially designed for the conversion between two types of Ford transponder — ID63 and ID83.

Kindly Noted

The KM100 supports various transponder types for cloning and editing. Choose the corresponding cloning procedure according to your transponder identification number (ID).
KM100E Specifications
Screen Size: 5.5 Inch
Resolution: 1280×720p
64G Memory,2G RAM
8MP Camera
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Battery: 4,950 mAh

2 PCS OE-Level Autel Smart Keys included in the package
autel maxiim km100
Stable OE-Level Quality: Autel KM100 comes with 2pcs FREE universal smart blank k~eys in the package which can generate a wide range of universal keys with reliable quality to meet various needs of customers.
Dual-Band: Supports 8 series of Autel I~KEY & 37 kinds of appearance (continuously increasing with frequent updates), and is compatible with low frequency (315M/433M) and high frequency (868M/915M) two types.

KM100 VS IM508 VS IM608
Function IM508 IM608 KM100
Universal transponder & key generation × ×
Transponder simulation, editing cloning × ×
Ignition coil detection × ×
Vehicle diagnoses ×
Vehicle service functions ×
IMMO function via programmer ×
Transponder reading
Frequency detection
Key unlocking
Immobilizer data processing
IMMO in open OBD mode

Wide range of BMW Models

● All support OBD method
○ Part of the models support OBD method
■ All support on-bench/boot method
◻ Part of the models support on-bench/boot method
△  Not Supported
▲Not Required
1 series 2003/02-2011/06 CAS2
1 series 2006/02-2013/10 CAS3
3 series 2004/02-2013/10 CAS3
5 series 2001/12-2005/09 CAS2
5 series 2005/10-2010/05 CAS3
6 series 2002/05-2005/07 CAS2
6 series 2005/08-2010/07 CAS3
7 series 2000/02-2008/07 CAS1
X1 2008/09-2015/06 CAS3
X5 2006/02-2013/06 CAS3
X6 2007/01-2014/06 CAS3
Z4 2008/01-2016/08 CAS3

Package Includes
1pc x KM-100 Universal Key Generator
1pc x OBD Adapter
2pcs x Universal Keys
1pc x Hard Shell Carrying Case

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Autel MaxiIM KM100 Vehicle List
Autel MaxiIM KM100 Vehicle List