NEWEST KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit install FAQ

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Alientech Kess V2 V2.37 Firmware V4.036 Master OBD2 ECU Tuning Kit No tokens limited

Alientech Kess V2 V2.37 Firmware V4.036 Master OBD2 ECU Tuning Kit No tokens limited

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Alientech Kess is the most advanced ECU chip tuning tool.
1. Can read and write ECU via OBD directly.
2. Cover Major Brands and Protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.
3. Newest Software version:2.37 Firmware version :4.036

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Customer share:

1. Q:Why your kess v2 is grey on some list?may I update it?
    A:dear sir,although our kess 2 is update to 2.06,but firmware is same,we will update it later for you download,it need time.

2. Q:Need tokens?
    A:No,no need tokens.

3. Q:Can this tool use on Truck?
    A:No,it can not connect with 24V,otherwise it will be broken.

4. Q: When i install the software, do i need to connect the internet?
    A: Please DO NOT connect the internet when you install the software or use this device. Otherwise it will prompt you to update the software when you open the software. This software cannot be updated for now. If you click the update button to update the software, then it will has problem. If you do not connect the itnernet when you install the software or use this device, then it will not has this prompt. 
So please do not connect the internet when you use it. 

5. Q: This kess v2 is master or slave?
    A: This kess v2 is master version?

6. Q:What is the difference between KTAG and KESS V2?
    A:Their software is the same,but KESS V2 has the function of OBD,the KTAG does not.

7. Q: KESS V2 has the function of ECM Titanium?
    A: Kess v2 can be used together with ECM Titanium. Not kess v2 has this function.

8. Q: Fgtech galletto V53 and kess v2, which one is better?
    A: Both of them can work on a lot of ECU type. The way they work on the car are different. Fgtech v53 can work on trucks, while kess v2 can not work on truck. FGtech v53 has BDM function, kess v2 does not. Kess v2 has mediation module, and is better to work on new encryption car.

9. Q: If i update the kess v2, what will happen?
    A: Do not update it when you use. If you update it, then the main unit will be broken. You need to change the new chip. 18 USD/SET, not including the shipping cost. If you can change it by yourself, we will send the new chip to you, if you do not know how to change it by yourself, please send the main unit back to us, we will change it for you and send it back to you.

10. Q:Hello
,I have problem in EDC17/MED Tricore ECUs,can you help me?
      A:sir,the software seems killed,pls you can buy a SD card and download:
      Then will be OK

11. Q: How to connect KESS V2 to K-LINE med 17, do you have any manual or diagram?

      A: If your car is OBD diagnostic socket, just plug the OBD cable into the car; if your car is not OBD diagnostic socket, after you select the ECU type in the KESS V2 software, the diagram will appear and show you how to connect (see the following pictures)

12. Q:When I install it,I have this error:

  A:this problem has 3 possible reasons:
1 do you use win 7 or vista system?pls try on XP system
2 Maybe the software you use now is has problem
we advise you can download 2.06 software from Here:
3 Maybe your install step is wrong,here is our install video