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V1.8.2001.15 Original Yanhua Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master No Tokens Limitation With 200 Free Tokens

V1.8.2001.15 Original Yanhua Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master No Tokens Limitation With 200 Free Tokens

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Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Odometer Correction Master ,Original Yanhua Brand with High Quality,supports Online Update, version V1.8.1707.21.With various types of adapters, you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc.

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by Mr.Mohammad assaf on Dec 2, 2013
for digimaster use for all model and year 2002 / 2014
Replied by Marshall on Dec 3, 2013
dear friend

it now can do almost from 1998-2012,some can do 2013,2014 cannot do

by Mathew Downs on Nov 12, 2013
Love this tool!!!!!!!
no need activate as video shows!!!I will recommend to my friends!!You will sell lots of it!!trust me!!
Replied by Marshall on Nov 12, 2013
dear Mathew

thanks for your long and good feedback!!
have a lovely day!
by Arkadiusz Wieczorek on Nov 3, 2013
Thank your page,but I want to ask if Digimaster iii can change correction on Skoda Fabia (2012)??
Replied by Marshall on Nov 4, 2013

it can do,we have tested

by Mr.luka on Oct 16, 2013
what the tokens,and D3 blocks after some time? Is D3 extract the radio in Audi, VW, or change the counter Passat B6,or reads the key pins from all brands
Replied by Marshall on Oct 18, 2013

dear friend

digimaster 3 has car list on:


it can do radio and pin code,but not for all car,

anyway,it is best in correction tool



by JASON WOOD on Sep 2, 2013
great tool!!!I will buy more!
Replied by Marshall on Sep 2, 2013
dear friend

thanks for your feedback

by Maori Boi on Jul 14, 2013

It can work on Australian made cars such as the Holden Commodore HSV, Statesman, Capitva, Cruz, Barina ( all models and year), Ford Falcon, Ford XR 8, XR6, all models and years, and any other Australian made Ford or Holden that I may of missed out.

Cheers :)
Replied by Marshall on Jul 15, 2013
dear friend

yes,it can 

have a nice day!
by Mr.rahim khan on Jun 20, 2013
I.want to.know.that this has to.connect to.cpu or by obd adobtor or I.have and do the work.I have board or it OBD.CONNECTION.PLZ.TEL.ME your friend RK
Replied by Marshall on Jun 20, 2013
dear friend

glad to see your letter

the digimaster 3 can do almost every car from 1996-2011,even 2013,
it do cars in two way,some car,you need open dashoboard to connect ; some car,you can do it by OBD2

whatever which way you do,it no need to install in CPU,just connect with dashboard,need some weld skill,you know

have a nice day!
by Gerard ter Beeke on Jun 18, 2013
very very powerful tool,help me a lot,do ford,vw,and benz,bmw,toyota,honda,volvo
thanks for your advise!
Replied by Marshall on Jun 18, 2013

thanks for your support!

have a nice day!


by Mr.Mick on Jun 15, 2013
Dear sir I have digimaster 3 the one you don't have to buy tokens for and one of my workers at my garage has dropped the main unit and it is now broken is this something you could repair for me if I return?
Replied by Marshall on Jun 17, 2013

dear friend

your digimaster 3 main unit is dropped away?
if you buy from us,we need to check the main unit,if we can repair or need exchange

if you don't buy from us,I advise you can buy a new one,because digimaster 3 main unit is cost high



by Mr.IDOWU ADAMS. on Jun 9, 2013
Good day sir,
I'm planning to buy one ''Digi 3'' from your office, I need the one that would cover up to 2013 vehicles inother to make my job easy and faster, I hope u will give me a very good one with all the assesory. Thanks.
Replied by Marshall on Jun 11, 2013

dear friend

you can use "" as your coupon code to get 5% discount

have a nice day!

all package is full assesory in it


by Mr.Jevgeni on Apr 21, 2013
Hi, on what type of cars does it work? Is there a particular list? Will it work on the latest Audi, 2010-2011?
Replied by Marshall on Apr 21, 2013

dear friend

it can do audi around 2011,we have car list:

this digimaster 3 is best mileage tool in all market now,universal car tool
we now send you 200 tokens free



by Mr.Hasan Sulaiman on Mar 27, 2013
Dear Marshall;
can I unlock the speed limit of the cars using D3 if not than can you please advise which device can do ...
Replied by Marshall on Mar 28, 2013
dear friend

it don't have unlock the speed limit function,sorry

we don't have a tool can help you
have a nice day!
by on Mar 21, 2013
hi im just wondering will it code the steering column lock [escl] on the 2005 on Passat.
Replied by Marshall on Mar 22, 2013
Dear friend

it cannot do this ,sorry

by Mr.TRENTINI ANDREA on Feb 7, 2013
per il pagamento si puo fare con contrasegno alla consegna?grazie
Replied by Marshall on Feb 17, 2013
dear friend

you need pay first by paypal or BANK,then we send to you by DHL;

by Mr.BARTZOKAS COSTAS on Dec 23, 2012
Hi can you ship to greece?
You ship it from uk?
I m asking about the taxes?
If you ship from EU I don't have to pay taxes in the greek coustom
Tell me please the total price with shipping
Thank you
Replied by Marshall on Dec 23, 2012
dear friend,

we ship it from UK,we have sold to your country,ship by EMS,decalre it as 150usd,but you need pay some tax

the total price is arond1500EUR to you

by Mr.Roberto Saldo on Nov 10, 2012
how much and it reset the alarms too?
Replied by Marshall on Nov 21, 2012
dear friend

it can not do this function

by Mr.dimson on Jul 28, 2012
If we want to add some vehicles like american cars, we need to buy a token?
Replied by Marshall on Aug 10, 2012
dear friend



by Mr.Mikhail on Jul 27, 2012
Hi. I need tokens for my digimaster3. What price please?
Mikhail. Russia.
Replied by Marshall on Aug 10, 2012
dear friend,


Have a nice day!

by denz on May 28, 2012
i am intrested in the D3,however how can i purchase new micro chips when if i need more,also do you supply micro chips when i purchase the D3,how much do these chips cost if i need more.
Replied by Marshall on May 31, 2012
dear friend

thanks for your letter

but I am not very clear about MICRO chips,do you mean this chips board in D3?
if it,our D3 is original,we can not supply a new chips board for you,only can repair it for you.

have a nice day!

by sagie on Jan 28, 2012
hi, i tried using digi 3 on golf 1, 2009 model. i use automatic detection and then k-line. meter reads and then runs until time finishes. then meter reads OBTAIN BIOS INFORMATIO FAILS, PLEASE RE-POWER. i plug in supervag and it reads in 20 seconds and changes mileage. i also tried ford fiesta holiday and also not work and reads DEVICE NOT FOUND. Please tell me what am i doing wrong, this is a brand new machine
Replied by Marshall on Feb 1, 2012
dear friend

can you give me your order number?

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