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[EU Ship] Autel MaxiCheck Pro (Including EPB/ ABS/ SRS/ SAS/ BMS/ DPF) Special Application Diagnostics Lifetime Free Update Online

[EU Ship] Autel MaxiCheck Pro (Including EPB/ ABS/ SRS/ SAS/ BMS/ DPF) Special Application Diagnostics Lifetime Free Update Online

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Autel MaxiCheck Pro ABS Brake Bleeding Scan Tool can communicate with most post-1996 vehicles(Sedans, SUVs and Light Trucks) that are OBD2 compliant. It can perform all 10 modes of OBD2 tests but also service/special functions like Oil Reset, ABS, SrS, EPB, BMS, SAS and ABS Auto Bleed on certain vehicles.

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by Mr.Adenis Dautaj on Oct 9, 2021
Awesome tool. It reads all the systems in your vehicle. I bought this because my wife has a Volvo with the ABS light on. It read the codes and told me which wheel position was the problem. The Volvo dealer wanted $100 just to read the code. I didn't have any issues updating the code reader. This one of very few code readers that will read a Volvo along with others foreign and domestic vehicles.
by Mr.Joseph O Callaghan on Oct 2, 2021
Worked great for autobleed on 01 silverado 1500hd
by Mr.Marco Stoffel on Aug 15, 2021
It comes in a nicely made blow molded case. The instructions book covers a lot and is readable. For DIYers, this has every function you'll ever need or be able to use and understand.

I really love it because it helps me a lot with abs bleed problems. It paid for itself in 2 weeks!
Since anti-lock braking systems have been around, there has been a problem when bleeding your brake lines of not being able to get any air that is trapped in the ABS actuator module out. Guys with the $1000 scanners could do it because they had two way communication with the cars' computers. This one does it also! The procedure is to use this to first bleed the ABS module (you'll hear it working). That will force any air into the brake lines. Then do a brake bleeding as you normally would.

This scanner provides lots of live and historical data for LOTS of cars. Updates are free. You can printout your results if needed.
by Mr.Tomasz Komorowski on Jul 1, 2021
So far so good. Bought to specifically bleed brakes electrically, works easily and quickly. Used on 01 Silverado 1500hd to bleed abs pump. Worked great for that. For whatever reason It didn't show the option for autobleed under 01 so I chose an 04 silverado and it worked just fine. Scanner already paid for itself by saving me $475 by not having a shop swap my abs module that had stripped screws, requiring the pump to be removed.
by Mr.Villar on Feb 27, 2017
does it support Italian language?
Replied by Susan on Mar 3, 2017
Hi friend

Have a nice day

Yes, German,English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian 

Kindly regards

by Mr.Frank Burke on Feb 20, 2016
Hi. Does this model test Opel/Vaxhaull. It is not mentioned in the compatibility list
by Mr.Erik on Jan 19, 2016
does it have Italian language?
Replied by Susan on Jan 19, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day

It have Italian language

Kindly regards

by Mr.funfunk on Apr 21, 2015
Hi, can it make same (DPF) than : SP188

by Jacques on Oct 12, 2014
Can it do our 2001 Porsche 911 ?
Replied by Marshall on Oct 12, 2014

you can test on it,usually we have test around 2001-2005

by ivan pretto on Jan 23, 2014
can it also good for DPF/thanks~
Replied by catherine on Jan 23, 2014
Dear friend 

Thanks for your nice words 

wish you have a good day 


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